Upper Midwest Chapter

National Association of Minority Contractors

We support minority contractors to find more contract opportunities and advocate for a level playing field by working with legislation, government entities and private industries.

What is NAMC?

The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) is a non-profit trade association that was established in 1969 to address the needs and concerns of minority contractors. While membership is open to people of all races and ethnic backgrounds, the organization’s mandate, “Building Bridges – Crossing Barriers,” focuses on construction industry concerns common to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans.

NAMC supports minority contractors for more contract opportunities and advocates a level playing ground by working with legislation, government entities and private industries.

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Helping You Grow & Flourish in Your Role

Get help dealing with the barriers that you often deal with as a minority when you become part of National Association of Minority Contractors (Upper Midwest Chapter). Our trade association is based in Minnesota and we offer exclusive contractor resources throughout the Upper Midwest states.



We will continue to nurture relationships with private sector organizations like NCMSDC and the billion dollar round table and advocate/mediate as a third party for our member firms in situations where issues and concerns need to be resolved.



We provide educational information monthly through our newsletter and educational training in our quarterly general membership meetings.



We disseminate information about upcoming projects through constant contacts newsletter format and through networking opportunities with contractors, owners (public and private), developers, and chamber of commerce’s.

Our History

NAMC Upper Midwest was built and established in Minneapolis, MN and has been a driving force in its community since day one. By dedicating our mission to the unique needs of minority contractors, we have been able to create a thriving organization throughout the past 50 years. We have learned from our history and are committed to continuing our cause.

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